Guild Wars 2 legendary armor for raiders launches next week


ArenaNet’s Paul Ella has a fresh blog post out this afternoon revealing the plan for legendary armor in Guild Wars 2. If you’re my kind of Guild Wars 2 player, your response is probably somewhere between “woot new stuff” and “dammit quit doubling down y’all,” so let’s zoom in.

Ella confirms that legendary armor is a reward for raiding content, with unique silhouettes and animations and minimized clipping and of course rune slots. He’s got screenshots for each armor type, each one designed thematically.

“When we started creating raids, our aim was to produce complex endgame combat that would really give players a chance to demonstrate their skills, abilities, and tactical thinking in overcoming its challenges. As a reward for defeating the raid bosses, we realized early on that we would need something that reflects your success to other players. Enter legendary armor—the ultimate pinnacle of armor in all of Tyria.”

The new armor launches with Flashpoint, the next-to-last episode of the current living story season, which arrives on May 2nd.

So what do you think? Is the armor even appealing enough to get worked up over? Or is the principle the issue?

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