DC Universe Online patches in Earth-3 adventures today

But we're evil.
This morning, the DC Universe Online servers went down to apply the game’s next major patch. They may or may not be back up by the time you read this, but they’re expected to be up no later than 4:00 p.m. EST today. And when they are up again? You can take a trip to the land of evil opposites, Earth-3!

What must Earth-3 residents think of the rest of the multiverse, though? Technically Earth-1 would be the world with their opposites. Is that a thing there?

Regardless of existential musings on the nature of evil doppelgangers, players can explore a variety of new bits of content on Earth-3, ranging from an open-world exploration of the new world’s Gotham City to an elite raid in which players rail against the Crime Syndicate that threatens the world. So go forth, find your evil opposite, and beat the living snot out of that villain. Or hero, we suppose, if your character is already a villain. It’s complex.


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A Dad Supreme

Last Hero Standing…

Melissa McDonald

Why does Superman look like he’s coming off an all-night bender? Well, wait a minute, so these are the evil twins?

Bruno Brito

That’s Ultraman.


Not twins, but from an alternate reality where who is good or evil is inverted.