EVE Online’s March update is here with skills on demand and nullsec anomaly improvements

I demand this skill.

The fact is that EVE Online’s whole “skills on demand” concept is slightly misleading. It’s more like the ability to purchase the skills you want to train on demand, not quite just demanding a skill and then having it. But hey, even that is a pretty big upgrade, so why quibble? It’s also one of the big parts of the game’s March update, which is live now and does indeed let players purchase skills directly from the skill interface.

The patch also gates level 4 and 5 missions behind Omega accounts to fight botting activity and adjusts the spawn rates for anomalies found in nullsec. That’s on top of numerous graphical and audio fixes and the usual incremental improvements. Check out the full patch notes for a more detailed picture of what’s been changed, or just jump into your capsule and remain confident that wherever you go, you’ll be able to start training the next skill you need.

If you’re curious about the overall war against botting, you can check out our own Brendan Drain’s take on the state of the issue and how CCP is addressing it. It ties into the changes for the missions as well as skill injectors as a whole, which no doubt helps inform the skills on demand change as well.

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Wilhelm Arcturus

I’m pretty sure that the null sec anomaly “improvements” are actually nerfs to the spawn rate of havens to try to reign in super and titan ratting. That is the most out of control ISK faucet in the New Eden economy.

CCP is happy to say when they are increasing spawn rates, but gets cagey when they are nerfing them.