Path of Exile officially launches on the PlayStation 4 today, having doubled playerbase since 2017


It’s a huge day for Path of Exile, as the popular MMOARPG finally launches on PlayStation 4 today; it’s already live for Europe, and the doors open at 11 a.m. EDT for US players. Apparently other regions are still on the way. The game was already available to PC and Xbox One players, and yes, it’s free-to-play on PS4 too.

In today’s PR, Grinding Gear Games notes that the game’s playerbase is thriving. “Successful launches on the Xbox One and in China have more than doubled the Path of Exile player community since August 2017, with over 3.5 million players having played the game’s 2017 expansion, Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath,” the company says. “In 2018, Path of Exile saw an increase in total play-hours of over 26% and the PoE: Betrayal expansion set a new record of 188,970 players online simultaneously.”

GGG has previously put up a Q&A doc explaining that it’ll be the 3.6.1 patch that goes live on the platform today, though the 3.6.3 update will follow “as soon as possible after the launch.” Do note that there’s no cross-platform play possible.

“We have done a lot of work on console performance in the last few weeks, and the improvements that were made to the Xbox version last week (which have resolved the performance concerns from 3.6.0 release) should be in the day-1 version of the PS4 launch. Or patched in within 24 hours if they don’t hit on the first day. We are trying very hard to make sure this is the case.”

Source: Press release, official site
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A Dad Supreme

I guess I’ll finally get to play this game now.

Matt Comstock

I’m stoked. Something to look forward to after work today ;) Been waiting for this since they announced it would hit PS4 in December 2018. I took a quick stroll on the PC version, but felt it would feel better with a controller (kind of how I prefer Diablo III on PS4 over PC).

EDIT: May serve as an adequate distraction as I eagerly await new stuff in Anthem.

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That UI is…kinda gross. Not a fan at all of the layout. But I’ll give it a spin regardless, curious to see how the game plays with a controller even if I’ll be sticking with my PC account.


I’ll be passing on the PS4 for this league but I’m going to give it a shot next league. I’m too invested in my current character to reroll and I don’t find this league’s mechanic compelling enough to make me okay with restarting the other types of progression I’ve had.

They should have held off on launching this to launch in sync with the start of a league so that players didn’t have to choose between staying on PC or restarting on PS4 with an abbreviated league length.

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Given the amount of “PS4 when!” posts that popped up on nearly every GGG article or tweet prior to the launch day announcement I rather suspect that the PS4 players don’t really mind.

Anyhow good luck to any new PS4 players who do jump in hope you have fun and may rngesus bless your drops :)