MMO Business Roundup: Nexon drops Tree of Savior, plus DUNE hires and Pearl Abyss’ new HQ

Well, this isn't ideal.

Nexon’s let go yet another MMO from its publishing stable.

According to MMO Culture, Nexon has announced that it’s closing down its Japanese server for Tree of Savior and booting the game – and data – back to developer IMC Games to host. This won’t have any effect on the western version of Tree of Savior, mind you, as IMC Games publishes that on its own here. But in context, it’s one more signal that Nexon is flailing: In recent months, the company canceled Peria Chronicles, halted work on Project G, expelled Riders of Icarus, closed a pair of Western offices, pulled back on Gstar, and caused such concern among Korean employees that union workers have been protesting.

In other MMO business news…

Work on Funcom’s Dune MMO continues, as the studio this week announced the hire of a Senior Gameplay programmer on the game.

Finally, Black Desert and EVE Online company Pearl Abyss will break ground on its new Korean headquarters this coming December. According to MMO Culture, it’ll be a 20-story tower in the popular-with-game-companies Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town, with all the accoutrements – sports arenas, massage rooms, cafeterias, etc. It’s expected to be finished in February of 2021.

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Castagere Shaikura

Sorry, Funcom doing a Dune MMO is just going to be bad. Look at their track record with MMO’s. They always end up losers because of the choices they make.


The Nexon situation is odd. The controlling family was going to sell it but then the backed off. And yet they are trimming operating expenses by relinquishing games to other interests which is usually a sure sign that the company is for sale or already sold.

A Dune MMO is very welcome. But it is a huge under taking IF they wan’t to do it right. I’m not a huge fan of Funcomm right now because of what they have done to a great IP, in its own right, The Secret World.

But, let’s see what they come up with. I would love a good Dune MMORPG!

Ian Wells

I made a post not to long ago that detailed what was happening and why, so I will just copy and paste it here. Some of it is speculative, but to my knowledge it is all accurate. Since I posted the below, more and more events have happened that support the speculative bits:

To shine some light on what happened, the head of the family that owns Nexon decided to sell the company (or, to be more precise, the controlling majority of the stocks) and bank on what he thought it to be worth. All the offers that came fell short of what he wanted to sell for, and eventually the clock ran out and no one was willing to raise their offers.

As a result, it caused stockholders to question the actual value of the business (as potential buyers would have been allowed a peek at the books prior to purchase so they could actually see what they were buying), which caused many to sell their stock en masse as they saw this dip coming as soon as the sale was canceled. When stocks are sold in a large quantity, it lowers their value, which actually causes the value to drop more in the eyes of buyers, rinse and repeat.

In short, Nexon is in a bit of a tail spin and is taking a lot of defensive measures so as to avoid any kind of failure and to make their quarterly books look better (less expenses, but still banking on their current stable of games). This is a move to appeal to current and potential investors.

Bruno Brito

A Dune MMO is welcome.

A Funcom MMO is not.

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Dune MMO sounds incredible if done right.

The spice must flow!

Raimo Kangasniemi

Calling Funcom’s Dune IP game ‘Dune MMO’ is kind of tempting fate – ‘open world multiplayer’ as they call it could be MMO but I fear it will be much more reduced in both game and especially player numbers, Conan Exiles -style, and if it isn’t, if it is a real MMO, being in pre-production now… then it won’t be out before the middle of the next decade the earliest.

Patreon Donor

really glad that funcom seems to be doing well. really curious as to what a dune mmo will look like. star trek online was the same curiosity for me and idk that they really captured the essence of what star trek is. funcom has shown they have the dialog and story writing chops to handle the writing aspects of dune, but hopefully their animation work for combat and how combat feels has been improved, otherwise color me uninterested.


well if dune mmo is any good then I’m dropping star trek online.
Not abandon but my main mmo will be dune.