MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Agonia Lands, Decentraland, Fable Valley, Bloodstone Online, Hunter’s Arena Legends


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve (probably) never heard of – or have totally forgotten about until now!

First up is Agonia Lands, a game we heard about through a now-deleted Reddit thread. It’s a browser MMO with a focus on sandboxy survival adventure, but it’s also a newish title that might appeal to folks who hate pay-to-win and ads, as the devs call it “100% free-to-play.”

Remember Decentraland? Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob put it back on our radar. It’s the cryptocurrency MMO with Minecraft and Second Life vibes, and it’s angling toward a real launch on February 20th.

Fable Valley is a new one to us too: It’s a mobile MMORPG from Eyougame. Reviews aren’t super great right now, but it’s got most of the PvE and PvP systems you’d expect from a F2P title like this. Droid Gamers says it even has a wedding mechanic.

Bloodstone Online, the retro-themed Tibia-esque MMO that we covered early in the year, did indeed formally launch.

Finally, here’s a not-so-massively title for ya: Korean studio Mantisco is working on Hunter’s Arena: Legends, which is not in fact just three random words strung together but a self-proclaimed “battle royale MOBA RPG hybrid.”

Spy more weird and obscure MMO-like games we should be covering? Drop us a tip!


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Oleg Chebeneev

Hunter’s Arena: Legends I like

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I love these posts for new games, keep them coming and thank you :-)

I started exploring old MMOs that still work today, i find them more approachable, 2D or 2.5D and have small client, no harm in trying them since most of them are F2P.

Kero Kero

Hunter Arena Legend is more accurately a Fighting game with an open world BR mode. And in my playtests I think it has a LOT of potential.


Thanks, never heard of any of them.
I desperately wish someone would come out with a decent PvE science fiction setting MMO. Right now SWTOR and STO are about all there is and they’re both exceedingly long in the tooth. I attribute the market’s desperate hunger for this genre as the reason SC continues to break all funding records – it’s desperate optimism.


Agonia doesn’t sound like a nice place to live or visit.