Path of Exile’s Delirium league is live this afternoon for Friday the 13th

Today’s the big day: Path of Exile’s Delirium is going live for PC players this afternoon, just in time for Friday the 13th shenanigans virus quarantines. Hey, at least you won’t be bored! Console players, sorry, as you’ll be waiting for March 18th.

“Grinding Gear Games celebrates Friday 13th the right way by unleashing new horrors in Path of Exile: Delirium. As the latest expansion to the hit Action RPG, Path of Exile: Delirium launches at 1pm PDT today. PlayStation and Xbox One users will receive this expansion next week but can enjoy the action live on Twitch in the meantime. The Path of Exile: Delirium expansion adds deadly new enemies and amplifies existing ones to create an intense layer of difficulty to Path of Exile’s core combat. Delirium also introduces Cluster Jewels which further enable deep character customisation and unlock new power.”

The update promises the Delirium Challenge league, new Delirium Cluster Jewels that let players dynamically expand passive skill trees, four new skills, three new support gems, 13 new uniques, improvements to the Conquerors of the Atlas endgame, and the integration of December’s Metamorph challenge league into the core game. Make sure you check out our deep-dive into the content!

You can start the download now, and servers should be back in business by 4 p.m. EDT this afternoon; we’re expecting to stream the new stuff at 8 p.m. EDT tonight on OPTV!

Source: Press release
Apparently everyone currently under quarantine is trying to play all at once, such that GGG is struggling to keep it all going and is now adding new servers. The DDOS (are you kidding me right now, e-thugs??) isn’t helping either.

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