Temtem is headed to PS5, XBXS, and the Switch, not just PC, when it launches next year


Still got your eye on Temtem? The totally-not-Pokemon MMO hit early access earlier this year, with plans to formally launch next summer, and as of yesterday, Spanish studio Crema Games revealed that it’s got plans even bigger than just a PC launch.

“Today, at the Sony State of Play event, Humble Games and Crema announced that Temtem is looking towards the future and will be prioritizing next-gen console development by releasing on the PlayStation 5. Temtem will also launch on PC, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch in 2021.”

The previous roadmap had penciled in the console ports for spring of next year, but we’re not sure that will hold. Crema’s blog entry talks up its 2v2 competitive scene, MMO nature, and crowdfunding success: In fact, the game pulled in over half a million bucks back in 2018. The new pics and trailer are below.

Source: PlayStation
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