Corepunk is aiming for a ‘WoW Classic difficulty level,’ with housing and farming in the works


With closed beta on the way for this December, Corepunk is generating some degree of interest among cyberpunk MMO fans. To feed the hype machine, Producer Eugene Kiver appeared on Reddit this week to tackle an AMA about the upcoming game.

Kiver said that the team is aiming at “WoW Classic difficulty level” for Corepunk, expecting players to take 80 to 100 hours to reach the level cap of 40. He said that the MMO will feature four crafting and four gathering professions, PvP arenas and battlegrounds, and even player and guild housing coming right after launch.

Other topics briefly discussed included player farms, update cadence, anti-zerg measures, mounts, Oceanic servers, support roles, solo dungeons, and controller support.

Corepunk will go through multiple rounds of closed beta testing and then a possible soft launch or open beta after that. Kiver revealed that there will be 12 playable heroes come release. There is no release date yet, nor plans for Steam or platforms other than Windows.

Source: Reddit
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