Guild Wars 2 teased End of Dragons concept art during its $64K charity livestream


The Extra Life charity livestream from Guild Wars 2 was, naturally, a place to raise money for children’s hospitals, but during that broadcast there were a few pieces of artwork to whet players’ appetite for the End of Dragons expansion.

The artwork, collected in three Reddit posts, provides a look at the Shing Jea location, the Echovald forest (!), and what looks to be some airships flying towards a dragon. There was also an Imgur post of an NPC.

We’re likely going to be hearing more about End of Dragons as the weeks wear on, especially since the Steam launch is being delayed in service of getting the expansion completed (albeit with less staff), but for now, we’ve got those images. And as for the charity drive, ArenaNet has raised over $64K, helped in part by a literally “1337” donation.

End of Dragons Shing Jea concept art from the Extra Life livestream from Guildwars2

EoD Echovald forest art from the stream :) from Guildwars2

EoD art from the extra life livestream from Guildwars2

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sources: Reddit (1, 2, 3), Twitter
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