Neverwinter’s Sharandar: The Iron Tooth is live on PC today

After a week’s delay and a combat overhaul that set the playerbase ablaze, Perfect World has finally unleashed Neverwinter’s next big thing: Sharandar. As we’ve previously noted, today’s launch is actually called The Iron Tooth, and it’s the first chunk of the three-part expansion centering on the Sharandar revamp. Notably, this episode includes the Ruins of Malabog adventure zone, the new Sharandar social hub, the Annis Hag Lair, and Vault of Stars for endgamers.

“Across three epic episodes, Neverwinter’s newest module has players return to Sharandar to end the unsettling darkness creeping across the Feywild and the area’s age-old elven stronghold. The Iron Tooth, introduces new and returning players to the Feywild lands of Sharandar, where they must head to the Ruins of Malabog to investigate the disappearance of an elven dignitary. With loutish creatures that will kill any foolish enough to enter the ruins, players will need to join forces to successfully be Protectors of the Feywild and rise against the darkness.

“Players will also discover that deep in the forest, a coven of ancient hags have claimed the lands around Sharandar and gathered scattered bands of Malabog’s minions and other creatures long ignored by the Fey courts. In The Iron Tooth, players must band together to enter the lair of the foul Annis Hag, the first of Sharandar’s three menacing hags, in the Ruins of Malabog. To stand a chance against the hags in each episode of Sharandar, players need to enter the Vault of Stars to steal a fragment of the powerful Night Diamond from the Queen of Air and Darkness, an entity of great power.”

Episode two, called The Soul Keeper, is due out in April for PC and May for console, followed by the third segment, The Odious Court, are slated for later this year, though of course the console release of Iron Tooth is next on deck come March 16th.

Source: Patch notes, press release

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Bruno Brito

I’m gonna assume scaling is still dogshit.


Massively, unless you’re at the level cap (and sometimes even then). I don’t know how they expect to attract any new players.

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Richard de Leon III

To be frank, its not just the scaling thats the problem. I stopped playing NW seriously a while back, so when i look at what to do or what to gear for when i play it a little bit nowadays i feel so lost. It doesnt help that i do know there simply too many shop items that are needed to upgrade your gear at the top end. NW at this stage is not very newbie friendly, and thats saying something considering we run around using only 6 hotkeys for combat.

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Just FYI, per the patch notes: Must be level 80, no surprise. Must have a item level of 40K+. But for the first two weeks of launch they will boost you to IL 40K to let you in. If you complete the tutorial in that time you will be able to come back if your IL is still <40K. My highest geared 80 is <30K IL LOL.

Vanquesse V

I’m pretty sure they did this with the previous module as well, as I have access to the 30k req part of the devil stuff on my ~27k character.