Albion Online confirms summer mobile launch, opens preregistration and German test


RuneScape isn’t the only MMO with major mobile news today: Sandbox Interactive has opened registrations for Albion Online’s mobile version too. If you follow the game, you already know that the global mobile launch is coming out this summer. The studio said just that in March! “This latest milestone will fulfill the studio’s long-standing promise to offer a fully cross-platform MMO experience to all fans of the genre,” the team says.

“It’s official: Albion Online will be launching this summer on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! We’ll have more news in the coming weeks, including the official launch date, but for now you can pre-register here to be notified once the official mobile versions are available. You’ll also get a special reward for cross-platform play on mobile launch. Additionally, German users are in luck: to test the mobile version before the wider global release, we’ve already launched it in Germany! (Please note: this version is still under development, with more optimizations and usability improvements to come.)”

Sandbox says it’s been “hard at work polishing, optimizing, and streamlining the mobile version” and has introduced mobile controls and control schemes as well as an optimized mobile UI. Curious about the state of the game? Our own Fight or Kite columnist Sam toured the beta just a few months ago, noting that with a few small tweaks, it already “hit the sweet spot” on mobile.

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