Destiny 2’s new Witch Queen trailer heralds next week’s expansion arrival


Don’t get too excited yet – it’s not actually time to launch Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. That’s coming on February 22nd. What’s out today is the launch trailer, the appetizer before the main course.

“Savathûn has gifted her soldiers with the powers of the Light. As the Knight you’ve struck down rises from the dead for the second time, a feeling of betrayal washes over you and you can’t help but wonder: When the Light offers no shelter – no solace – where will you turn? A twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor, Savathûn’s Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of terrifying power. From the foundation of her glistening palace to the gnarled roots in the swamp, all that she hides can be found here. Seek the truth and learn that in this place, mystery makes its home in both the Darkness and the Light.”

Players already know that the expansion includes the new glaive weapon archetype, a whole new custom crafting system, new six-player content, and new raid. Preorders are still active, and the whole trailer is below.

Source: YouTube
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