Star Citizen and EVE Online unveil a LEGO build-off challenge for prizes and charity


Last December, we spied the Twitter accounts of both Star Citizen and EVE Online trash-talking each other as a result of a fan-built Vulture made of LEGO. At the time, it appeared that both internet spaceship games were gearing up for a build-off of some kind, but nothing came out of the exchange. Until now, that is.

The so-called Battle of the Bricks is a two-phase event, with both SC and EVE asking their respective communities to create LEGO versions of each game’s ships between now and 27th for phase one. The community teams for each game will then come together on July 22nd for phase two, when the winning three builds for each game will have to be rebuilt by the opposing game’s team members live on Twitch.

LEGO builders who participate in the battle will be getting prizes from their respective games, including a year of Omega subscription and tickets to Fanfest 2023 for EVE fans and a free RSI Scorpius with lifetime insurance for SC fans. On top of the build challenge for each game’s community team, there will be some “ridiculous and excruciating” challenges to raise money for Extra Life charities.

For those looking to join in on the fight, there’s rules and guidelines for SC players on its official forum, while EVE players have a rules PDF they can download.

sources: Star Citizen website, EVE Online website, thanks to Hikari for the tip!
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