Star Citizen and EVE Online appear to be gearing up for a community LEGO build-off


It all started with a tweet from Star Citizen, calling attention to an impressive LEGO build of a Drake Vulture (the builder even created a full interior). Now, it appears to be ramping up to a full-blown community event involving Star Citizen, LEGO, and EVE Online.

The EVE Twitter account sub-tweeted the showcase with a cheeky nod to the Venture mining ship, which shares more than a few visual similarities with the Vulture – readers will recall CCP Games did this before – drawing forth a sub-tweet reply from CIG proposing the idea of a LEGO build-off between EVE and SC’s communities. The proposal was eagerly accepted, and the reply even appeared to try and draw the LEGO Group into the matter.

Whether this actually develops into a real building competition or not remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: there are some very talented builders out there, and we could all stand to benefit in some friendly toy-based competition.

sources: Star Citizen forums, Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)
Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2021, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised almost $400M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured both indefatigable loyalty from advocates and immense skepticism from critics. A co-developed single-player title, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.
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