The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the brightest future in 2023?


Howsabout a little positivity for the last weekday of the year? That’s right, we’ve brought back ’round the “brightest future” topic, and I think there are two clear winners here: Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. Both games had really solid years in terms of financials (heck, XIV is practically the only good thing Square Enix has going for it). And perhaps more importantly, both games have solid outlooks for 2023 and beyond, as both have already promised another expansion. I feel really good about the pair of them having a great year, at least compared to other MMOs in their class.

Which MMO do you think has the brightest future in 2023?

At the turn of every calendar year, the MassivelyOP team assembles a traditional feast of annual content for your table. We recap the year, issue awards, highlight our favorite (and least favorite) stories, and gather your opinions together to send off the last year and welcome the new one. Grab a plate and take a bite out of this year-end Daily Grind!
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