Ulduar arrives for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic on January 19

Boo, says I.

So, are you excited to start down a new World of Warcraft journey that is actually different than the game’s history in WoW Classic? Then get ready because the next major patch is introducing Emblems of Conquest, adding new vendors exchanging items for those emblems, and setting the stage for Ulduar releasing on January 19th. The update itself is launching on January 17th with a new Arena season, the aforementioned emblem changes, and the new mysterious Titan runes in front of dungeons that make the dungeons hit harder and have more health while adding in drops from now-obsoleted raids.

You might be wondering how this makes WoW Classic actually have a different endgame model than retail WoW, and that’s because it [FILE NOT FOUND]

The raid releases on January 19th, containing all of its familiar bosses complete with their hard modes and the associated challenges. Emblems of Conquest will also drop from bosses as well as from daily dungeon clears, so be sure to get your badges for vendors to ensure that you keep up with the gear curve. Or don’t, you know, we aren’t your parents.

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