Valentine’s Day around the MMORPG genre, 2023 edition


I’m sorry to be the one to remind you of this, but today is Valentine’s Day. In fact, if I am the first person to point this out to you today, and you find yourself suddenly obligated to conjure candy and flowers in a hurry, then I am extra sorry. But for everyone else, there are silly MMORPG events to indulge in! As is tradition, we’ve rounded them all up for you in case you’re hunting for something to do tonight:

A few more games we don’t want to forget about:

  • Ultima Online’s publish 115 is live with Valentine’s stuffies, new vet rewards, and prepwork for the spring quest.
  • GTAO added a new vintage car along with themed unlocks for Valentine’s Day.
  • Runes of Magic loaded its cash shop with love-themed items.
  • Undecember has a bunch of V-day boosts running the whole month.
  • Wurm Online’s latest minipatch includes themed love-day skins, including the “Dark Maul” (lol).
  • Then there’s Dark Age of Camelot, which introduces three quests for Valentine’s Day, live through February 20th.
  • And Overwatch 2 is responsible for… this:

We probably missed a few in here – let us (and everyone else) know in the comments!

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