Overwatch 2 enlists John Cena to hawk August’s PvE story missions – and the associated bundle purchase


It would appear as if Overwatch 2 is going to some lengths to promote August 10th’s Invasion update. Blizzard decided to introduce a hacker character called The Enigma who interrupted a number of streamers’ broadcasts to stir up hype for the patch’s story missions, and now the studio has revealed just who this person is: John Cena.

The video where The Enigma unveils who he is tries to talk up the looming threat of Null Sector and its attacks on Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg, while the associated announcement post once again pushes the $15 bundle that grants permanent access to these associated Invasion missions. Blizzard has also put together a special event website to try and drum up excitement for the confirmed anemic PvE content.

As one might expect, the comments on the promotional video were generally unkind. “I really liked the part when Enigma said ‘Answer the call heroes. It’s only €15,'” reads one remark. “Can’t wait to play 1 hour of content that I waited for 3+ years for!” reads another. That promo video awaits below, but schadenfreude enjoyers may also like clicking through to the YouTube comments box.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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