Diablo IV patches up to address issues with Druid skills, quests, dungeons, and UI


Apparently there were a whole lot of bugs crawling around in Diablo IV, and not the kind that you would explode with your chosen class’ weapon. All the same, the latest patch for the OARPG has swung the fixing hammer against a multitude of bugs and smashes them into paste. Insert a third ARPG reference here and make sure it’s clever.

There are a couple of gameplay adjustments in this latest build such as a reduced wait time for a malignant monster spawn and players being stuffed into the trade chat channel by default, but the overall focus of this patch is fixing bugs: A few issues related to Druid skills have been addressed, several bugs that prevented quest progress have been removed, visual weirdness with some UI elements are removed, issues that stopped Gathering Legions event progress have been fixed, and in true “no fun allowed” bugfix fashion, players can no longer repeat a Nightmare dungeon by promoting someone else as the party leader.

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