Happy love day, everybody!

Skyforge celebrates its anniversary with quests and lockboxes

It's been a long, strange road in Skyforge, a road filled with marauding invasion forces and... well, that's most of it. Marauding invaders for deific...

Celebrate The Elder Scrolls’s 25th anniversary by playing ESO’s Elsweyr Prologue today (for free!)

Twenty-five years ago today, a relatively unknown game-development studio by the name of Bethesda Softworks released a little game called The Elder Scrolls: Arena,...
This is wholly appropriate

PlanetSide 2 celebrates 20 years of EverQuest with a new objective line

Just because the big milestone anniversary this year is for EverQuest and not PlanetSide 2 doesn't mean that the latter title needs to be left out...

Runes of Magic celebrates its 10th anniversary with in-game events and exclusive gifts

A week from today, free-to-play fantasy MMO Runes of Magic will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the folks at Runewaker Entertainment and Gameforge...

The Stream Team: Rift-wrangling for RIFT’s 8th birthday

You get a birthday... and you get a birthday... and RIFT gets a birthday! Today marks Telaria's eighth year, and Massively OP's MJ is...
The nightlife.

Revelation Online offers a special login event for its second anniversary

Players who are truly dedicated to getting rewards in Revelation Online will soon have a fancy title to allude to that fact. The game's anniversary...

13-year-old Dungeons and Dragons Online opens Sharn expansion pre-orders next month

Superstitious or not, a 13th birthday for Dungeons and Dragons Online feels pretty darn lucky to us in this day and age. Standing Stone...
This is... better?

EverQuest looks for player stories for its anniversary

The memories that have been forged in EverQuest are numerous, due in no small part to just how long the game has been running. For...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online turns nine!

Happy ninth birthday Star Trek Online! With the anniversary festivities in full swing, Massively OP's MJ dives in to party with Q and her...

Finger guns and Vulcan ships target Star Trek Online’s ninth birthday

Pew pew! The noises by themselves aren't enough; you need the full finger gun action to really make an impression on everyone else. It's...
Just relax.

Blade & Soul’s third anniversary event is live now

Yes, it's time for Blade & Soul players to enjoy the game's anniversary event, as it is live right now. That means players can pick...

Atlantica Online raises its level cap and throws itself an 11th birthday party

Believe it or not, January 2019 marks the 11th anniversary of the nautical MMO Atlantica Online. Just because it's an odd year doesn't mean...
I'm on a boat.

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMO anniversaries you’re looking forward to in 2019?

It's weird to think that World of Warcraft hits 15 years this year, but that's the way linear time works. Five-year intervals are big ones,...
Blade and Soul, thoughts are all like butterflies, yeah.

Blade & Soul outlines how to earn its Cutting Edge cosmetics for the three-year anniversary

To celebrate the third year of Blade & Soul in the west, players are getting the chance to getting some far futuristic-looking costumes and weapons....
It's never quite gone.

Paragon Chat is already planning an event for the City of Heroes anniversary on April 28

This year would have been a big one for City of Heroes as the game's 15th anniversary. Of course, the fans aren't about to let...

Blade & Soul prepares to celebrate its third anniversary with a sharp-looking costume

Can you believe that Blade & Soul has been out in the West for three years now? It's true, and it's what players will be...
Ohhh snap.

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates seven years with firework backpacks

It's been seven years of playing in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and to celebrate the occasion, players can strap a volatile mixture of explosives...

World of Warcraft celebrates its 14th anniversary with a historic event

It might be hard to believe, but this year marks the 14th anniversary since Blizzard changed the landscape of the MMO genre with the...

The Stream Team: Celebrating EverQuest II’s anniversary like a hero

Today marks EQII's 14th birthday! Hooray! And in celebration of that milestone, Massively OP's MJ is diving in for some serious Heroes Festival fun....
Give or take a year, maybe.

EverQuest II kicks off its 14-year anniversary celebration

Can you believe that EverQuest II has been running for 14 years now? We'll give you a moment to scamper off to Wikipedia to...