Ryzom turns 15 years old with events and an emerging story

September historically has been a crazy busy month for MMO launches, and so it should come as no surprise that many titles are celebrating...
Break on through to the other side.

Champions Online’s third anniversary week brings back Dr. Destroyer and his Destroid robots

It's been some time since Champions Online launched, but we've finally learned a great truth about the game's major villain: Despite his grammatically ambiguous name,...
Uh... huh. Is that what this game is about?

Aion celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a plethora of in-game events

It's Aion's birthday! The game has been running for a decade now, which means that various proclamations that the title was dead over the course...

Dungeons and Dragons Online dishes out anniversary gifts

While we usually convene here at Massively OP to discuss game launch anniversaries, today we have something slightly different: the launch of a business...

Champions Online celebrates its 10th birthday with a new mission

The longest consistently operating superhero MMORPG is hitting a significant milestone this week, with Champions Online celebrating the 10th anniversary of its launch on...

Guild Wars 2’s seventh anniversary gifts are being wrapped for you

What's the oldest character you have on Guild Wars 2? That's a more pertinent question than in other MMORPGs, as elderly characters benefit from...

Albion Online looks over the past year of development and improvements

The second anniversary of Albion Online has arrived, and... well, that in and of itself is significant, that's two years' worth of updates. The...

The Stream Team: A Secret World Legends anniversary, take two

Happy birthday Secret World Legends! Today the conspiracy-laden horror remake turns two years old, and Massively OP's MJ is there to celebrate the occasion....
How long? For what?

Age of Conan celebrates 11 years of operation with an anniversary event

It turns out that the age of Age of Conan now goes to eleven, as the game is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. There's...

Two weeks in, City of Heroes has four rogue servers and heartwarmingly massive queues

Two weeks after we first broke the story confirming the City of Heroes secret private server leak, the game has turned 15 years old...

The Stream Team: A dozen years of LOTRO Middle-earth merriment

Today marks LOTRO's 12th anniversary, and the festivities include a new anniversary quest. Unfortunately for Massively OP's MJ, she hasn't completed all the quest...
When will the loot drop

Lineage II shows off plenty of buffs and promotions for its 15-year anniversary

Going for a decade is a nice milestone for any MMO, but Lineage II passed that milestone a while ago. About five years ago, in...

LOTRO hosts a Yule festival encore before its anniversary

An interesting -- and somewhat strange -- thing that Lord of the Rings Online routinely does is bring back seasonal festivals for short-term "encore."...
Happy love day, everybody!

Skyforge celebrates its anniversary with quests and lockboxes

It's been a long, strange road in Skyforge, a road filled with marauding invasion forces and... well, that's most of it. Marauding invaders for deific...

Celebrate The Elder Scrolls’s 25th anniversary by playing ESO’s Elsweyr Prologue today (for free!)

Twenty-five years ago today, a relatively unknown game-development studio by the name of Bethesda Softworks released a little game called The Elder Scrolls: Arena,...
This is wholly appropriate

PlanetSide 2 celebrates 20 years of EverQuest with a new objective line

Just because the big milestone anniversary this year is for EverQuest and not PlanetSide 2 doesn't mean that the latter title needs to be left out...

Runes of Magic celebrates its 10th anniversary with in-game events and exclusive gifts

A week from today, free-to-play fantasy MMO Runes of Magic will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the folks at Runewaker Entertainment and Gameforge...

The Stream Team: Rift-wrangling for RIFT’s 8th birthday

You get a birthday... and you get a birthday... and RIFT gets a birthday! Today marks Telaria's eighth year, and Massively OP's MJ is...
The nightlife.

Revelation Online offers a special login event for its second anniversary

Players who are truly dedicated to getting rewards in Revelation Online will soon have a fancy title to allude to that fact. The game's anniversary...

13-year-old Dungeons and Dragons Online opens Sharn expansion pre-orders next month

Superstitious or not, a 13th birthday for Dungeons and Dragons Online feels pretty darn lucky to us in this day and age. Standing Stone...