Hardcore sci-fi MMO Nebula Online leaves early access for launch in November


Back at the beginning of 2015, a plucky “old-school hardcore sci-fi” MMORPG called Nebula Online put forth a Kickstarter to build “the perfect MMO” that corrected all of EVE Online’s mistakes. The Kickstarter didn’t fund, but work on the game continued, and it rolled out to Steam early access a year later.

Fast-forward to today: Four-man studio Mizar Games has announced Nebula Online will emerge from early access into a full release on November 3rd, featuring real-time PvP encounters, three races, three solar system types, a player-run economy, ship and station design, exploration, a built-on political system, holdable territory, and Steam achievements. It’s also cross-platform.

Nebula Online is a space based Massive Multiplayer Online Game which can be played across multiple platforms (iOS and Google Play, with Xbox One launching soon). Set within a 3 race populated galaxy, players face a conflict for universal domination. Explore the universe to find resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Be aware of your enemies who are out to challenge your power and make sure you are fully armed to beat their armies. Create alliances and collect troops of like-minded soldiers and lead them to an overwhelming victory in your quest to conquer the universe!”


Source: Press release, Steam
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