Crowfall’s crafting looks more and more like Star Wars Galaxies’


Hey crafters. Let’s talk Crowfall for a minute. ArtCraft Design Lead Thomas “Blixtev” Blair explains today in a new dev blog that crafting in the PvP-centric MMORPG is due for a pretty hefty update. “These changes will add some significant aspects to gameplay as we’re shifting game development from building many standalone systems to adding features that will mesh the systems together,” he says.

For starters, crafters are getting recipe tiering that just screams Star Wars Galaxies; some recipes can be made while you’re standing in the middle of nowhere, while others require experimentation and different levels of crafting stations, the higher-quality versions of which will be located in increasingly challenging or remote locations, further adding to the purpose of places like forts and keeps. I’m giddy just thinking about it. The crafting UI is getting an overhaul as well. And that’s not all!

“In addition, we’ve got other Crafting-related systems in the pipe, too, like player-owned vendors and gold… all of which falls broadly under the umbrella of “player-driven economy”. Once we get past that, we’ll turn our attention to stuff like the factories and caravans that will really make the system shine. Oh, and we’re also going to fix the experiment and crafting failure loop to be not so damned painful.”

Crowfall’s been making lots of headlines in the past few weeks, first for delaying its soft launch to next year, and second for raising a cool 6 million bucks from investors earlier this month to make that 2018 launch go off with a worthy bang.


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Toy Clown

If they add in something like the entertainer system, I’ll be sold. Right now, I’ve held back interest in this game due to the PvP element.

Rolan Storm

Good, good… Embrace wisdom of the ancients…



SWG is hands down the best crafting system I have ever played. This is good news indeed! :)

Nick Smith

I was sold way back when they gave us the “game of Risk” example. This is just more icing on the cake :)

Fervor Bliss

Wasn’t their a quote about bringing crafters to PvP games by one of the dev’s ?
Bring them in so players have something to kill or something like that.


I adore crafting stations, playing dollhouses without having to invest precious space to actually own a real one. You never get past it, growing up is overrated.

But I stop at “pvp-centric” I am afraid…mumble mumble

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I’m pretty much a carebear myself but I’m excited about Crowfall. I expect I’ll spend most my time puttering around the eternal kingdoms in a guild where some enjoy PvP and cart out resources from campaign worlds to upgrade all the things, yet might not favor spending all the time building and crafting stuff.

If that occasionally involves some dives into campaign worlds for more dangerous styles of building & crafting or even a rare bit of exposure to PvP that sounds like an okay distraction, as opposed to dropping into a public ARK pvp server or other outright gankbox.

At least that’s my hope :-)