Final Fantasy XIV previews beasts, Feasts, and glamorous feats

The newest set of previews for the next Final Fantasy XIV patch are now available, and they are not about the next sequence of endgame challenges… or perhaps they are. After all, aren’t glamours the real endgame? The answer is yes, and the new glamour dresser (a far better name than the previous temporary name of “glamour commode”) makes assembling new outfits and applying them in a flash much simpler while also ensuring that you can free up valuable storage space for your cosmetic items.

Speaking of cosmetic items, perhaps you’d like to earn some valuable cosmetic stuff from befriending the Ananta, with the preview outright stating that you will need to enter into a series of bizarre trials to successfully befriend the snake ladies. Or maybe you’d prefer to beat the snot out of other players with the Feast updates like a new map and the new team feature. You can check out a collection of screenshots for the update just below, too.

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Alexander Dragonfang

Just impossible to feel anything but dissapoint to this game.

The glamour thing is just the most overconvoluted thing possible for something we have been asking for years. Is basically overworked, unreasonable, completely cluttered inventory space.
What most others MMORPGs already figured out, with all its resources, SE just cannot do, a simple vanity log.

As for the rest of the content, more repeated content, another patch with absolutely nothing new.

Patrick Dougherty

Is that Feast map on top of the Crystal Tower? The fuck?

Also hopefully that elephant in particular is just part of a quest, because it is waaaay too huge.

Kickstarter Donor

They explained in the Live Letter that it’s just a recreation of Syrcus Tower, not the actual location.


I was worried about how they were going to implement the glamour dresser. But it looks like it’s going to function very closely to the way I had hoped. I also hope you can get glamour dressers for your home/apartment instead of having to go to an inn.

Duey Bear
Duey Bear

Yellow submarine!

Dagget Burmese

Nice improvement but still waiting for news on exactly how they are going to increase housing capacity.