Destiny 2 deploys Solstice of Heroes: Moments of Triumph update

ExPLOsions! Overpowerin'
Good times just might be here if Destiny 2 has anything to say about it. Today, the sci-fi shooter deployed Update 1.2.3 and the bounty of content goodness contained within.

There’s a lot here, although some players are griping at the endgame raid focus of the patch. The update contains prestige raid lairs, 6v5 quickplay in the Crucible, Iron Banner upgrades, tuning for exotic armor, additional bounties, and a ton more. Plus, starting on July 31st, the Solstice of Heroes event will unleash the new Moments of Triumph bounties. Complete enough of these bounties, and you’ll be able to earn a t-shirt, Sparrow, and emblems.

Go into depth with the developers on the July update after the break!

Source: Patch notes

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“although some players are griping”

I think I’ve read that line about every single Destiny 2 update that’s ever happened.


6v5 quickplay? Ominous…