MMO Business Roundup: Bethsoft E3, Unity+Tencent, Stray Bombay, Wargaming MMOs, and Google at GDC


Welcome back to another roundup of MMO business tidbits!

Remember last year’s phenomenal Bethsoft presentation at E3? The one with not just Elder Scrolls Online reveals but news of Fallout 76, the next Elder Scrolls game, and even a totally new RPG IP? The event that was bigger than E3 itself? Bethsoft is doing it again, complete with stream, so block out June 9th on your calendars. “It’s going to be a hell of a night,” the company promises.

Ahead of GDC yesterday, Unity announced that it’s teaming up with none other than Tencent for a special cloud service attached to the massive gaming companies titles. Amusingly, the company made clear it’s not planning on making games itself – some subtle snark for Epic and Unreal (via GIbiz).

This industry needs more studios named after cats, and Stray Bombay will lead the charge. It’s a new studio working on what scoop multiplayer games under the guidance of some former Valve and Riot developers – with some hefty investment from Riot too. (via Polygon)

Remember back in September of last year when we learned Wargaming is working on another MMO out of the UK under the leadership of a former CCP Games developer? Apparently the company has more than that cooking, as this week it announced it’s teamed up with Ukraine-based Frag Lab to build another one. But don’t get your hopes up too much: This one’s an MMO shooter. (Thanks, Karl!)

Finally, keep your ears open for Google’s presentation at GDC today, kicking off at 1 p.m. EDT. As we’ve alluded to previously, the tech giant is expected to take the wraps off a big gaming project rumored to be a streaming platform that’ll let you play games on a potato, streamed across the internet. Sure, other companies have tried and mostly bombed on this many times before, but hey, this is Google.


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But don’t get your hopes up too much: This one’s an MMO shooter.

That does have my hopes up. I’m going to give it a huuuuge breadth before I hop in but I can’t stand all the small scale shooters. They’re super boring to me. I’m just hoping it’s more Planetside and less Division/Destiny/etc and they mean the Massively in MMO.


After FO76, sorry, I don’t trust Bethesda anymore. After they hyped that Rust wannabe as if it was a true Fallout game I don’t trust anything they say.