Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida discusses trailer and world creation for Shadowbringers


Fans of Final Fantasy XIV are hungry for more information about Shadowbringers ahead of its upcoming July 2nd launch. Fortunately, there’s a new interview with Naoki Yoshida on Gamer Escape regarding the expansion’s lore and development, including the question of why we’re going to the First and hopping dimensions when there are still important locales on the Source yet unexplored. Simply put, the MSQ needs to answer questions about the Ascians and the shards to keep moving forward, and the best way to do that is explore the issue via the MSQ and the First.

Yoshida also confirms that CG cutscenes like the Shadowbringers trailer will not appear during gameplay, as that would interfere with adjustments and the presence of the player character due to the long development time needed for those sorts of movies. He also confirmed that he’s aware of the demand for more beard options following the trailer and that the maps of the First, while influenced by Source regions, were designed fresh from the ground up rather than just ported over and retextured. It’s all fun to know about if you’re curious about the development, although if you’re breathlessly awaiting the benchmark, it might not mollify you completely.

Source: Gamer Escape

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I just want to hear about the system updates… e.e Curious to see how they’re going to make Monk and Machinist less painful to play. Also still haven’t heard anything about inventory/glamour storage increases…


Is there anywhere a summary of all changes and new features for the expansion? Are there any QoL changes, like materials bank, or craft directly from retainers?

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

I’m not sure we actually know yet? I could be missing something though

blahlbinoa .

I believe the Media tour kicks off next Wednesday in EU and will be in US on the 22nd? The Live Letter at the end of the month I think covers the new combat and other stuff


Oh.. 2 months before release and we still don’t know all details :P Maybe thats good on the other hand, keep the current game un-distracted from expansion hype!