Path of Exile’s Korean launch and Legion rollout topped 224K concurrency as GGG addresses the minimap


Path of Exile’s Legion launch on Friday coincided with the launch of the game in South Korea, so you had to know we were going to see new concurrency records being smashed left and right. “The Legion launch has so far resulted in peak player concurrency of over 224,000 players on the main Path of Exile server (excluding Xbox, PS4 and the Chinese realms), which beats our previous record set by Betrayal in December,” Grinding Gear wrote. We’d expect that number to go up up up this week now that the expansion has rolled out to console as well, and even with that spike, Grinding Gear called it the game’s “smoothest launch ever.”

Yesterday, the studio posted a run-down of the bugs it’s smooshing and tweaks it’s tweaking in the short term; among them is an overhaul of the minimap.

“We’ve seen a few players request that we increase the visibility of Legion icons over monsters, generals and chests as well as adding them to the minimap. One of our earlier iterations of the Legion league included symbols for monsters, chests and generals on the minimap. During playtesting, we found that it felt really bad, as people would spend most of their time looking at the minimap rather than focusing on the combat in front of them. Due to this, we entirely disabled minimap icons for anything that had a Legion reward. This lead to issues where players would release some monsters with rewards and then end up forgetting where they were which resulted in sometimes missing rewards. This also didn’t feel great. Our next iteration involved adding minimap icons but only after Legion enemies had been activated. This is where we’re currently at with minimap icons and is the best of the three scenarios we tried. We have seen the feedback that the in-game (non-minimap) icons could stand out more, and we can confirm that the art team are working on this.”

Stay tuned for our Wandering Wraeclast column later today, when we’ll deliver our own written first impressions of the launch!

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Launching in Asian regions is almost always a good decision. The player base is really growing here.


Legion is pretty good.

The league mechanic is alright, in that you don’t feel much of a loss if you don’t get anything decent. Yea it sucks not seeing on the map for the cool things you want (Incubators, big chests, etc) but there’s always another monolith the next map. There’s no 3D Chess mechanic that you hate cause you spent 2 weeks building it up only to have it feel unrewarding. I can see Legion being more problematic if it goes core and you can’t see those things as it would create a bad feeling if you got a monolith and you didn’t get that thing you wanted.

Only gripe I have about them not including the mini-map thing is that the colors are all very blurred together. Trying to look for a tiny purple glowy symbol in a sea of dudes that crack open as purple is obnoxious and why people are asking for the mini map. Having 4 shades of red/orange/orange/yellow that look very similar to each other is also confusing as half the time I don’t know if I’m going for yellow or yellowish orange.

As for smoothest launch ever, I have to say this is the “crashiest” league I’ve ever played. Constant disconnects and infinite loading screens. Feels like I pretty much crash around once every 1-2 hours.