EVE Online’s August patch adds community fittings and enforced peace changes

But don't worry, they're not all murder-happy.

It can be really hard to get started and figure out how to set up your ships in EVE Online. We can definitely understand that. The designers can understand that. That’s why the newest patch today introduces community fittings to the game, a chance to see community-suggested layouts for the ship directly from inside the game. Right now the feature if enabled for basic tech one frigates and is for the newest players, but there are plans to expand it in the future; just check under saved fittings to get a look at the community suggestions.

The patch also makes changes to the way the game tracks enforced peace between factions in the wake of a war, with both sides now able to get a separate timer based on activity and potential future bellicosity. Add in a healthy dash of graphical improvements and UI fixes, and that’s the patch! But if you don’t want to stop at the general shape of things, you can read the precise details in the official patch notes.


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