Sandbox MMO Project C launches $149.99 founder packs, plans October closed alpha


Remember Project C? It’s the SpatialOS-based open-world persistent sandbox MMO by Darewise, the same company that along with studio Nvizzio struggled to make the gorgeous space survival title ROKH a hitsuspending development on it back in 2018. Over the summer, we’ve been covering the new MMO’s pre-alpha and roadmap ambitions, and this week, the devs have dropped preorders.

Specifically, Darewise has opened preorders for what it’s calling the Visionary pack – a $149.99 bundle that includes access to the closed alpha, along with $140 worth of in-game currency, early access, e-books, the soundtrack, and the expected round of cosmetics and in-game conveniences. Two additional founder packs are listed as “coming soon” on the website. According to a message posted in Discord, the closed alpha will begin “by the end of October.”

Most recently, Darewise rolled out the 0.4 patch for the pre-alpha, which introduces character specialization. “We’ve designed some new tools and gear to establish the specialization you’ll need to choose how you play. We updated the UI to make it easier to use,” the devs write. “We’ve updated with a new statistics system that will greatly impact your gameplay. You’ll want to think clearly about these stats as you specialize your pioneering experience.”

“It’s on! You can now customize your character and choose between three equipment set pieces that are currently designed to help players with combat, engineering, and exploration. Each piece of clothing brings different stats and improves your gameplay style when equipped. What’s good about it? You can customize your gear to suit your playstyle by changing your equipment at any time in the Inventory UI! Each set has 3 tiers of quality which will improve your damage depending on the set, resistance to damage, as well as your 3 base stats: Strength, Dexterity, Knowledge. They can be crafted in player bases and bought or traded at the shops at Outpost Alpha. The inventory system has been completely revamped to scale with more object types and now takes volume as the storage limit. We also introduced two new tools: the Gatherer and Printer. The Gatherer will help you acquire resources faster on planet Corvus. The Printer, which as you might imagine, helps you construct buildings in your bases as well as many other things. Isn’t science fun! To make sure you can access all of your tools and weapons easily, we’ve also added an equipment wheel to swap out your currently equipped weapon or tool. In addition, we introduced improvements for camera positioning when climbing and the new character animations. Our bug fixing efforts focused on Ironwood Beetles and the Abandoned AI Cores.”

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Source: Official site. Thanks, Zahri and Kinya!
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