The Daily Grind: What is the best MMO holiday event minigame ever designed?


While Halloween seems to bring out a lot of spooky instances and trick-or-treating in MMORPGs, I’ve always felt that the Christmas season sees more minigames added for holiday festivities. I have fond memories of sledding for speed in RIFT, engaging in countless snowball fights, playing that gigantic organ in Guild Wars 2, and skating for some reason in Star Trek Online.

A poorly designed minigame is one to be avoided unless there is no other option, but a wonderfully made one attracts players even if there is no further reward to be gained. Over the years, countless MMO devs have entertained themselves — and us! — by making event minigames. Today, let’s figure out which were the best of the best, eh? Which holiday event minigame do you think was the best?

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Mark Temby

Not really an MMO (ok its not an MMO), Killing Floor 2’s seasonal events are awesome.


I like klingon ice fishing, snowball fight and kramp’ihri in STO


GW2’s minigames for most of their big holidays were fun back when I played them. With Halloween you’d have the little PvE maze area with the candycorn monsters + the Mad King’s Clock Tower, Christmas had a very pretty looking jump puzzle + the snowball fight stuff, and ofc the Super Adventure Box is quite memorable.


From what I’ve read on the 2007 Runescape subreddit, there was a really fun one back in 06 or something. A lot of people want it returned, I’d personally be really interested in playing it.


Star Trek has the best event mini-games. Anthem has the most complicated.

Although then it comes to complicated events – Black Desert is the king, their events require special college degree. Not enough playtesting by sub-IQ130 people I guess.


GW2 Halloween, other than that any Holiday Event that was shelved and never developed.

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I loved the hoverboard races in Wildstar. It was one of the only events I looked forward to.

Bryan Correll

The Ski Chalet and slopes in CoH.

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TSW – Krampus.

blah blazh

If super adventure box counts then it has to be that one. Otherwise I agree with Justin about the GW2’s music mini-game in Wintersday.