Guild Wars 2 just put an end to cheese mechanics in the Drakkar encounter

And here we just keep going.

It’s patch day for Guild Wars 2, and that usually means one of two things: a tiny one-line bug tweak, or a major release. Today’s update, however, is something in between, as it’s not a seasonal update, nor is it the big balancing patch for PvE and PvP that we’ve been discussing the last few weeks.

Nope, today’s update adds a bit more challenge to the world, literally, in keeping with the ongoing storyline of the living world. “As Jormag’s influence continues to grow throughout the region, Drakkar and its minions grow more powerful,” ArenaNet says. Oh, it’s as ominous as it sounds: Drakkar’s damage and defiance have been buffed, his health scaling has been lowered, he’s got new abilities, his encounter’s adds are tougher to beat, there’s no more mount or Nimble Onslaught cheesing, and so on.

There are some bright spots, of course: “With greater risks come greater rewards. Drakkar rewards have been updated with a new Broken Voice ascended weapon set, as well as other additions. Defeating Drakkar will also give an increased amount of experience once per day.” The achievement grind’s been tweaked a bit too.

Still looking ahead to the balance patch with trepidation? Make sure you check out this week’s MassivelyOP PvP, where our Fight or Kite columnist dives into the proposed PvP changes. Or you can just pop over to Reddit, where elite players are currently trying to convince everyone else that said elite players are super important. Bring some popcorn.

Source: Patch notes
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