Final Fantasy XIV launches behind-the-scenes Shadowbringers retrospective


The PAX East panel for Final Fantasy XIV will be streaming live on Saturday, February 29th. No, Square-Enix will not be attending the convention, but the panel will still take place so that fans eager for a behind-the-scenes peek can get one all the same. But that’s not even the limit of the glimpse behind the curtain, as today kicks off a new video series about the creation of Shadowbringers directly from the staff responsible.

The first video is available just below, with interviews with Naoki Yoshida (producer and director), Banri Oda (world lore designer and main scenario writer), and Natsuko Ishikawa (main scenario writer). It’s not a terribly lengthy video at just around 10 minutes, and if you’ve got a burning need to know more about the creation of the journey through the Light-soaked fields of Norvrandt, it’s well worth the time to watch. It’s also part one of six, so you can look forward to further installments in the weeks ahead.

Source: YouTube

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I cannot stress how impressed I have become with Yoshi and everyone working on this artist mmo. Wow, we are fortunate, those of us that pay the sub for this masterpiece!

Keep up the good work Square!