MMO Week in Review: At least ArcheAge is consistent?


Here’s the thing about bad news: MMO players are used to it by now. The best way to deliver news like “the game isn’t making enough money because we screwed up the launch real bad, so we need to change our monetization plan” is to be honest and upfront about it with the community. The worst way to deliver it is to try to stealth-launch a paid expansion for a game you said would be defined by never having paid expansions and leave it to Discord chatters to drag the truth out of a GM.

So, you know, speaking of how the more MMOs change the more they stay the same: ArcheAge is still ArcheAge.

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Bruno Brito

seeing how badly this game has been handled by a bunch of fish sticks. I just wonder how is this game still alive ?

It’s one of the few games that allow you to mix and match classes and has a sandboxy take on it, without looking like complete garbage and having terrible servers. I can understand the attraction.

Are people so damn daft they keep spending money on it. Im not happy on what your doing here have more of my money. It´s a bit like EA people bitch about how bad EA yet they keep making enough money to still be around.

A big problem within Archeage is that the game is deceptive in how much they keep you swiping. It’s kinda like cosmetic stores in other games where even when you’re unhappy with the state of the game, you spent a little bit here and there and that adds up.

Archeage’s community is also reminescent of oldschools MMOs, with fame and fortune being known around. That makes people want to stay.

Seeing how they did with the launch of this game it should have died faster than Bless online did on PC.

This tells actually more about the state of the MMORPG market as a whole than just about Archeage: We lack good sandboxy games, and games with PvP appeal.

Bruno Brito

yeah but honestly Rift may be run by a shitty as company like Trion but it allows mix and match off skills and after what I tried on free version of arch age if felt similar. So if some one asked I would recommend Rift more than archage.

Yeah but…graphics. Rift looks like a pile of dogpoop. Specially the animations.

Sure we lack rely good sandbox mmo´s. But if people just quit trying to see Ultima online in every damn game I would say Legend of Aria and Shroud of avatar are decently good sandbox games that needs more work but they are not as bad as people say.

I can’t speak for Aria. Shroud of the Avatar is EXACTLY as bad as people say, because of how it’s managed. I wouldn’t recommend that flaming circus to my worst enemy.

Bruno Brito

ArcheAge is still ArcheAge.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED to learn that history repeats itself.

I mean, c’mon. Who could have seen it coming? Just because Archeage had core systems that were built for maximum monetization, doesn’t mean it was going to be p2w before, or that they would find a way to fuck up their b2p attempt.

Hah. This game is a cashgrab. I don’t know why people insist in telling that it was just a management issue. No, it wasn’t. The game itself feeds on monetization.

I’m sure gamers will learn at some point, right?