One Shots: Even adventurers like to be tucked in to sleep


Slaying a bajillion creatures, hauling around blood-splattered loot, and going through a repeated death-resurrection cycle sure does take it out on the intrepid adventurer. That’s why it’s always nice to have a comfy and cozy bed to go to at the end of the day.

Now if we can only find one in Utakata’s house here in Blade and Soul

“This brothel has bedrooms, I think,” said the Big-Eared One.

“Right now I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV — and I’m lucky if I can afford to rent an apartment,” said Minimalistway. “I love ocean fishing, it takes something tedious in most MMOs and turn it into something people enjoy doing together. Oh, and there is desert dune fishing, cloud fishing, and magma fishing. I love that.”

Lucky Jinx has to imagine a bedroom, which is sad: “Since World of Warcraft lacks housing, among many other things, I had to take the liberty of sneaking into someone else’s bedroom for a shot. Because I went all the way to the village of Brill in Tirisfal Glades, I stopped for a moment to admire the sheer creepiness of the zone. It’s a zone that is designed over 15 years ago, and it beats Revendreth in creepiness about 10-0 despite the clear difference in graphical vividness. Where Revendreth is kind of comically gothic setting, Tirisfal Glades is truly gloomy and scary place.”

“Home is where the hot tub is!” said Scott in Phantasy Star Online 2. I tend to agree, although my family wishes that I’d stop filling up a bucket with hot water in the kitchen and sit in it while blowing bubbles with a straw.

And Vincent, naturally, is blowing up everything in the world in FFXIV. It kind of looks like the concept art for one of the games, doesn’t it?

Post what you will in the comments — I shan’t stop you — but if you want to level up your screenshotting skills, let’s see some amazing underwater vistas!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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Lethia Myune

It might not be underwater but i did try to make my character looks as if she’s gliding above water while watching a remnant from a mysterious civilization. As i’ve been raving about Allods Online for a bit now, i just had to show how pretty the graphics still are for a game born over 10 years ago.

Might post later as i take more pics but this weekend my HDD died a painful death and it took all my screenshots with it :'(

2021-02-22 (1).png
Daniel Veit

This is a pic of Aquabase Terror Seven from Gw2. I really like the underwater part of this game. I hope to see more when we go to Cantha in the next expansion. Maybe we will have some good Deep Sea Dragon action!


Apparently one of my minions didn’t take too kindly too whatever wizardry we use in Eorzea to take those pictures. *Bonk*

And of course, the first thing when finalizing a glamour is to pose to show it off via a screenshot to someone else (in this case it was my wife, who wanted to see my latest look but was very comfy in her chair -understandable in this chilly weather – so I had to send a screenshot via Discord, ha).

Vincent Clark

At first glance, you might ask “did he fantasia AGAIN?” I can neither confirm or deny nor do I have any memory of such a thing. Sigh…

P.S. @Justin thanks for the mention this week :)


The big gig in the sky…

(Note: This is the highest place in content you can go in B&S currently.)


PS: Thanks for the front page plug again Mr. Justin. Surprised you posted that though…being of controversial subject matter and all.

But in case anyone had doubts about that…

…and no, players can’t “interact” with the NPC employees currently. For what’s that’s worth. o.O