Indie sandbox Prosperous Universe emerges from early access to launch on April 20


We’ve been keeping an eye on indie MMORPG Prosperous Universe for almost five years now. It’s a browser-base space sandbox that’s heavy on spreadsheets and charts and numbers and perfect for economy fans, and it’s wound its way through alpha, early access, free-to-play, then a return to the sub for another early access, and now, it’s preparing for a proper launch.

“After a lot of careful planning and developing, Prosperous Universe is finally making its way to Steam. We know a lot of you long-time fans might not find this so exciting, but this launch is crucial to the future and sustainability of the game. We ask for your unwavering support as you have always given,” the studio says in this week’s press release. “If all goes according to plan, there will be an influx of new players from the Steam launch. Please welcome them as you always have and show them what a wonderful community we have here and what makes our game so special!”

Simulogics’ latest dev blog suggests that the devs have been heads-down working on the game’s technical infrastructure as it’s been “running into performance problems” thanks to all of the player-linked entities in the game, from guilds to stations to players. While it’s not super exciting, the new snapshotting tech in the game is live, which should make the launch that much more smooth.

Source: Press release, Steam
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