Final Fantasy XIV is finishing its housing bug corrections on May 16

Time for a few small repairs.

As promised, so it has come to pass; a new letter from Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the housing issues which caused the first housing lottery to turn into a bug-ridden disaster have been fixed. That means that as of May 16th, the correct winners will be listed, and players can go out and purchase their houses if they won. Yes, even if you had incorrectly been flagged as losing. Yes, even if you already got your deposit refunded. The correct winners will be displayed, and you can go forward with your purchase.

You’ll have a little longer than usual to claim your win, even, as the next housing lottery cycle will not start until May 26th, now using the usual cycle for unowned plots of land and hopefully with all of the bugs successfully quashed. So if you were one of the players who got stuck with a bug where you were the only entrant and the winning number was 0, you will now be able to get your house. It’s taken quite a while for this to get fixed, but at least if you should have won, you’ll finally get your frickin’ house.

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