Overwatch 2: Invasion gets a trailer ahead of its release on Thursday

Oh, yeah, things are going super, we lied.

We don’t really need to recount the whole saga of how badly Overwatch 2 has bungled things with its PvE content because we’ve been doing that as it happened in real time, but the part of that content that is actually happening is finally arriving on Thursday with the Invasion update. And the PvE story missions are only a small part of that update, which also includes new PvP maps, a new support hero named Illari, and a number of events going along with the new release.

This also includes a new battle pass for players to purchase (because of course it does) and support for a number of upcoming limited-time events, including the sequel’s first anniversary. You can see all of that in the trailer or check out the one-page breakdown of everything coming with the event, if you’re eager for more. Better late (and substantially gutted) than never, right? Maybe? Eh, never mind.

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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