Star Citizen launches 2.6 Star Marine, announces Amazon Lumberyard partnership


It’s always nice to be able to report good news about Star Citizen, as one of our readers noted when sending us this tip, and we agree, so here goes, just in time for Christmas: Cloud Imperium has tonight announced both that alpha 2.6 is live for all backers and that it’s utilizing Amazon’s Lumberyard engine.

First, 2.6 and Star Marine, only a wee bit off the original December 16th target date, is fully playable:

“Alpha 2.6 includes the first iteration of Star Marine, our dedicated FPS module, as well as significant updates to the rest of the Star Citizen experience. Star Marine offers two game modes that will give you a taste of first person combat in the ’verse while a new Pirate Swarm game mode has been added to Arena Commander and a grand total of eight new ships are available in the PU. The patch also includes a major spaceflight balance pass, a brand new menu system, as well as dozens of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and other changes.”

Second, and less expected, is the news that both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are using Lumberyard, Amazon’s robust game engine and in fact have done so for “more than a year.” Amazon revealed the engine to the public back in February 2016.

“In fact, we are excited to announce that [the] 2.6 Alpha release for Star Citizen is running on Lumberyard and AWS,” Chris Roberts says.

Trailers? We got ’em below!

Source: Official site, press release, patch notes. With thanks to Don, Tobasco da Gama, and Gene!
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