Elder Scrolls Legends’ new PvE expansion includes an Elder Scrolls Online mount

It’s been a big spring so far for The Elder Scrolls Legends, Bethsoft’s Elder Scrolls franchise online collectible card game. Just a month ago, the game ripped off the beta tag for its formal PC launch. Then it launched for tablet iOS. This week, the game has introduced players to the assassins guild with its first content injection, dubbed Fall of the Dark Brotherhood. It’s just shy of 20 bucks if you’re buying it for cash, although the studio says you can pick it up for in-game gold too.

“The Fall of The Dark Brotherhood is a new PvE Story that tosses players into the role of a double agent hired to infiltrate the ranks of the fabled Dark Brotherhood. Recruited by a sinister group to bring down the infamous Elder Scrolls guild of lethal assassins, players will need to make key choices that both impact which missions they will play and determine how the story unfolds. This massive new adventure takes place prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is broken into three sections, or maps, introducing more than 25 missions and 40 new cards to the game. By completing missions within the new Story, players will unlock new cards available only via The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, including three new Legendary cards. Players will face a variety of new challenges, lane conditions, and scenarios as they play through the new Story. There’s a pig you have to keep alive, a fight that takes place during a ball where things keep moving around, a prison fight, a skooma den battle, and much more.”

Skooma den battle, what! By the way, folks who buy this content pack will also get a “Doom Wolf” mount in The Elder Scrolls Online, which is actually not a horrible deal, given how expensive some mounts in the MMORPG actually are.

There’s much more coming to the game over the next few months: Bethsoft has picked April for the Android tablet rollout, spring for Mac, and summer for iOS and Android phones. May will see the release of Twitch integration, spectator mode, and a gauntlet mode for tourneys.

Source: Press release, patch notes, official site
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Alex Willis



As people below have already stated; a really fun game with an exceptionally fair F2P model.
You get daily quests, rewarding anywhere between 40-70 gold which you can spend on either card packs (100g, but not advised) or arena tickets(150g). As your knowledge of the game expands, you’ll get gradually better at Arenas, which will offer increasingly good rewards such as gold, card packs, shards, …
Cards can be ‘deconstructed’ for shards, which in turn can be used to ‘forge’ other cards. Every ‘expansion’ can be bought with either gold or actual money. The ranked mode does not ‘derank’ after too many losses, …

If you’re in to CCG, you should definately give this one a try. And if you’re not? You still should. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Promise :)


Sounds potentially cool, I don’t see myself going for the PC version but I’ll check it out when it hits iOS.

Zulika Mi-Nam
Zulika Mi-Nam

Its on IOS now, just do a looky for it in the app store.

Nick Smith

I love their stories and it comes with a ESO mount to boot. Sold!

Gristoi Zir

I have really been enjoying this game. You can access all the content with ingame currency so there’s no need to pay for anything with real money if you don’t want to. I will surely drop some money in their cash shop to support the game.


I think the Doom Wolf mount was about 20 bucks when it was in the ESO cash shop, for anyone wondering. Hopefully they keep doing this sort of promotion with Legends.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I’m not really a CCG person, but I’m enjoying this one to a surprising degree, most likely because I’m so familiar with the Elder Scrolls lore and world.