Bless Online buffs Rangers, nerfs Guardians and Mages, and plans targeting changes


Neowiz is moving fast to patch away some of the doom from Bless Online after its messy early access soft launch last week. The next update, currently on the test server, tweaks quest experience for some quests, reduces Ranger cooldowns, adjusts the chain bonus, tweaks Peninsular War scoring, and reduces overland mob hitpoints. Mages and Guardians will face down modest cooldown nerfs, and Neowiz has big plans for its targeting system.

“During the development process, we found that we cannot guarantee optimal control of the action targeting mode for all classes, except for the Berserker. We plan to make it possible for other classes to use action targeting as soon as we solve these gameplay problems (except for the Paladin class which will only have tab-targeting). However, this adjustment is currently pushed back as we are focusing on stabilization and balance. We will provide you with more information once we have determined a time frame for the action targeting mode update.”

“Balance modifications will not end with just this patch,” the studio notes. “We plan to continue with other class balances in stages.”

Reviews remain “mixed” on Steam after the game’s beleaguered launch last week; get caught up on the whole ordeal:


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Castagere Shaikura

I just figured out why the games UI looks so familiar to me. Its a copy of Echo of souls UI. The skill tree and other popup pages are the same UI as that game. I was watching some videos of game play and thought it was Echo of soul.

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I really think that if they can better optimize the game, while still in early access they would be halfway there. The content and balance, can all be improved over time, but the optimization is what can kill the experience for a lot of people if they don’t upgrade to a higher Dx client or do something.


If they haven’t upgraded to DX11 by now… I just don’t see that happening.


lol, they nerfed mages again. this game will be dead soon

ichi sakari

this new patch should make your experience better

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Uh…wasn’t a major combat overhaul like…a thing they apparently just did?

Man, they really should have let this one bake for another few months and had a few proper beta tests before releasing it (it’s launched dogs, it’s fully monetized). This is just continuing to shoot their launch in the foot in such a major way : /


And it’s not like they didn’t know. Neowiz took the combat rework off of the table because it just didn’t work. But then, about one month before this early access/headstart, they claimed they were working on a new combat overhaul that would be ready in time.

One month… Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?


Whaaaaat? How can they have just one class still using tab-targeting while everyone else is different? They really couldn’t do something like Tera where you can mouse over your targets while holding down a skill button? I don’t get it, man. This dev team…


Nothing but duct tape and bubble gum holding this thing together.


Was talking about this the other day, one thing you gotta give Neowiz is they’re putting a ton of development time/etc into the NA/EU version of the game. Most KR localizations are just mindless cash grabs where you get the content from other versions 6 months to a year late and they quick file the NA/EU feedback from the inbox to the trash can.

Might shape up to be a decent game to check out in 6 months.


they have like 2 guys in a basement changing sliders. there is no development and everything in future releases was held back with excuses of getting it ready. Its just like every kmmopvp game with held back content to look like something new is coming.

the only reason that the dps tune was made is to slow you down before you get to the big nothing at level 45 and quit. The joke is on them because everyone quit before the scam