Crowfall has reached 50,000 backers

Isn't that nice.

Yes, Crowfall has fans. Somewhere on the order of 50,000 fans, in fact; the game has just hit 50,000 backers according to a new press release. That includes both people who supported the game’s initial crowdfunding push and those who bought in later, so it does tie into the work that’s been done by the development team over the past few years.

Of course, since this isn’t active players but backers, it can be hard to compare this to active games. Shroud of the Avatar last claimed 65,000 backers in 2017, although it’s unclear how many of those have played since the game’s launch. Ashes of Creation cited 10,000 backers for alpha one, but that is definitely less than its initial Kickstarter backers (20,000) and may be even less than half of its overall backer count. And, of course, Star Citizen counts 2.1 million backers… but that includes both people who paid into the game and those who simply registered accounts (Crowfall specifically separates backers from registered accounts, with the former at around 300,000). So it’s hard to tell where Crowfall specifically sits in comparison. Still, 50,000 people paid some money for this early game; that’s something notable!

It’s also worth noting that the game’s soft launch has been delayed into 2019, so “backers” is still a more relevant metric than “players” into 2019.

Source: Artcraft Entertainment press release

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Arcanum Zero

Awesome, when do we start excoriating them as defrauding cads? I love that part.

Joseph Meyer

Bravo team!

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I had initially planned on waiting until it was in beta, or at least close to launch, before buying the game and giving it a go, however, as JoeCreoterra mentioned the team has been so upfront and willing to listen to their playerbase I’m going to end up buying it next month I think.

chriskovo .

Kinda surpised they only reach 50K. Thought more people would get in on this one. I have more hope for this one than i do for Star Citizen at this point. It looks like this client is actually progressing.

Kickstarter Donor

I backed on Kickstarter and would easily make the very same pledge. The team has been awesome with incorporating feedback, looking at overall complaints, putting in “most wanted list” features like the race/class splits, etc.


Yea all these Kickstarter titles not planning on purchasing or getting into until there’s some sort of hard announce date for a soft launch or actual launch. After ArcheAge and then Albion I’ve just seen too many games that show one game and end up launching as another game entirely.