Crowfall previews the PvP map structure of its first campaign in feature walkthrough video

Let's war ov

Since its original Kickstarter reveal, Crowfall has been absolutely clear on its key conceit: PvP. This is a PvP MMO. In fact, the devs frequently refer to the game as a “throne war MMO.” And ArtCraft’s latest video, out today, homes in on the state and goals of its PvP specifically. As you probably know if you’ve kept up with the game, the title’s soft-launch has been delayed a few times over the past couple of years, but last month ArtCraft posted a clear roadmap from alpha 5.8 to alpha 6.0 – i.e., from the current first campaign to some pretty major ruleset additions, including GvG.

“All of the features deliver on Crowfall’s promise of an intensely competitive PvP game that YOU CAN WIN,” the studio explains today. “The first campaign update brings the world of Crowfall alive with real-time scoring mechanics, leaderboards, and a significantly expanded Campaign World.”

Notably, the video outlines the structure of the game and the PvP within it:

  • Expanded campaign worlds – each one now covers 10 procedurally generated worlds with varied biomes;
  • Adventure zones – your basic MMO zones for PvE hunting and gathering;
  • Strategy worlds – territorial conquest maps with daily sieges;
  • Capture point bonuses – a system that ensures “campaigns to remain competitive down to the final moments”;
  • And scoreboards/leaderboards.

“ArtCraft Entertainment today is unveiling a new video discussing the latest phase of pre-alpha testing for its Throne War game, Crowfall. The 5.8 pre-alpha milestone for Crowfall was recently released at the beginning of this year, and since then thousands of backers have engaged in unique multi-world campaigns to build castles, claim territory and vie for the virtual throne. These test campaigns have provided valuable feedback to the development team, resulting in numerous enhancements to the game.”

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Press release, official site

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Dean Greenhoe

While I find the game interesting the siege warfare seems a bit too mechanical. “Place these siege engines at these pre-made siege platforms and start the troops charging the predetermined wall location as soon as the X volley fires and you are in the keep. next…”

Otherwise things are looking good.


Totally awesome.

Frank White

Yeah, looks good, but at this point I’m only really going to get excited when the game actually releases. I’m not getting any younger. ;)


They plan on full launch this year.