Today’s your last day to grab Guild Wars 2’s A Star to Guide Us for free


As we approach the final episode of the current Guild Wars 2 living world story, ArenaNet has been providing the earlier episodes of the season as cash shop freebies as part of its Welcome Back to Guild Wars 2 promotional tour. So far, DaybreakA Bug in the System, and Long Live the Lich, with A Star to Guide Us currently available for free for one more day. All or Nothing, which is episode five, will remain free as well until episode six launches – just make sure you log in and claim them. You don’t need to own Path of Fire to grab ’em, only to play ’em.

We don’t know when episode six, War Eternal, is launching, but it’s looking like we’re closing in on it here in the next few weeks, and we know it’s introducing dragon mounts with vertical takeoff. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s patch, which is expected to drop a huge balancing update that looks to be dramatically overhauling many of the elite specs across the game to make choosing them over other elites (or original classes) more meaningful. (My main class’ changes were called “drastic,” so I’m nervous!)

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