Champions Online yanks event currencies and seasonal rewards to be replaced with more time-limited availability

ho ho ho indeed

We all know that Champions Online had been in de facto maintenance mode for a long while, although this year has seen a spate of updates and additions. Still, for a long while, most of what you had to do in the game was just taking part in the limited-time events of the title and earning new rewards from those. Unfortunately for players who have squirreled away plenty of currency, though, the latest update is majorly changing how reward items and currencies are offered. Older event currency is being retired so that each year requires new currency, with no exchanges planned. Older seasonal rewards are also being cycled out to “eventually” be added to the Trade Paperback store.

Feedback to these particular changes is… well, not good, although some of the focus also focuses on scaling bugs with the new Torrent power. The bright side (relatively speaking) is that players do have access to the Reprint event now, which gives you a last change to earn the items across seasonal vendors that you may have missed before. So if you still had currency you haven’t spent… well, go spend it now. It won’t be worth much soon. You can check out the roundup just below if you don’t believe the game has been all that active this year, at that.

Source: Official Site; thanks to the Grinch for the tip!

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Bruno Brito

That’s a clueless move, if i ever saw one.


It’s gonna be a lot of work for the 2 CO Devs in their back closet cubicle too.


This is unfortunate, but they pretty much did exactly the same thing to STO years ago. They apparently need to force everyone to log in for each event, for the full planned cycle. “Oh you had extra time last year but not enough this year? Too bad. Grind that millstone, grind it good! We need the player numbers up!”