New World details its semi-instanced player housing system


Amazon knows the best way to make me set aside my worries about New World: a dev blog on player housing. Will it work? Let’s find out.

“Player Housing is an exciting recent addition to New World,” the studio’s dev blog this afternoon says. “This highly requested feature will give players the opportunity to own and personalize homes across Aeternum. We want players to feel like they have roots in the world, to experience ownership, security, and stability in a threatening and unpredictable land.”

The trick about New World’s housing is that you won’t be building it up from scratch; you’ll be buying homes that are essentially instanced at the door, so lots of people will be entering the same door but then heading into their own version of that style of house, a bit like EverQuest II or Elder Scrolls Online, so don’t be thinking you’ll plop down your house anywhere you please.

Players will also have to raise their faction standing with the territory where the house is, and hit level 20, to buy a house, then you’ll be paying taxes to keep it. In fact, you can buy multiple houses once you jump through the required hoops, and then invite your friends over to visit you. Well, a small number of your friends, at least: four people in addition to you. Naturally, the houses come in different sizes and styles, depending on their location, and then you can deck out the interiors.

“After purchasing a house, you can personalize your space. We have added hundreds of items for you to use to customize your home. Everything from tables and chairs to decorative garden plants and hanging vines can help you design a property to reflect your tastes. Pieces of furniture and ornamental items can be crafted by players and purchased, while other items must be found by exploring and looting the world. On your adventures in Aeternum you can even find pets to bring home with you.”

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