SWTOR announces Legacy of the Sith expansion with new planet, PvE content, and combat styles

Star Wars The Old Republic fans, it’s time to get excited, at least if you missed the leaks from early today, as during its preview stream today BioWare formally announced that it’s launching an expansion for the long-running Star Wars MMO this winter. It’s called Legacy of the Sith, it’s the first major expansion for the game since Onslaught in October 2019, and it conveniently comes out just as the game is turning 10 years old. The studio emphasizes that the expansion “marks the beginning of an exciting new time for the critically acclaimed MMORPG.”

“Legacy of the Sith will continue to build upon Star Wars: The Old Republic’s dynamic Star Wars storyline, sending players on a military campaign to secure a vital planet for their faction as they uncover the ultimate plan of the renegade Sith, Darth Malgus. The expansion also features enhancements to SWTOR’s player experience with the new feature, Combat Styles, that expand player options and an array of quality of life upgrades. Star Wars fans will have an opportunity to rediscover the award-winning story of Star Wars: The Old Republic in Legacy of the Sith this Holiday season on PC via SWTOR.com and Steam, kicking off the 10th anniversary celebration which will run throughout 2022 and introduce new content, events, updates and more.”

The new planet is Manaan, which of course will be immediately familiar to fans of the KOTOR franchise since it was a destination in the first game as well. There’s a level cap bump to 80 and new dungeon and raid content as well.

“Legacy of the Sith will take players on an adventure to the far reaches of the galaxy including the aquatic planet of Manaan in pursuit of Darth Malgus. The major update will increase the maximum number of levels players can achieve by 5 to level 80. The toughest challenges yet Star Wars: The Old Republic will also be introduced with new collaborative missions including a Flashpoint set in a mountaintop tomb on the remote planet Elom, as well as an Operation in the remains of a deep space research station.”

What’s intrigued our newsroom is the combat styles system and “refactored” character creation.

“The latest expansion will introduce the new Combat Styles feature which further expands on the deep custom Star Wars experience of SWTOR. Combat Styles will allow players to fulfill their ultimate Star Wars fantasy, independently choosing a specific class story and combining it with ability sets from other related tech or force wielding classes. Existing, returning and new players can look forward to improvements in creating their next Star Wars character through a refactored character creation system. In addition, updates to itemization and loadout experiences as well as streamlined class design further enhances the Star Wars: The Old Republic experience for new, returning and existing players.”

We don’t have a hard date yet, just “this holiday season.” The original MMO launched on December 20th, 2011, but we’d guess this expansion will beat December 20th by quite a bit.

At least some of the new content will hit the PTS next week:

Source: Press release

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Terry Holland

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Skeleton Dev crew working at basement does their thing.. Which isn’t much as last 3-4x years have shown & there hasn’t been any improvements for visuals, clunky movement & animations at all since launch about ten years ago 🤷‍♂️ Also Sad Fact is that low polygon graphics (no matter gfx setting via options) swtor would be 100x better with game-engine that ArcheAge / ArcheAge Unchained uses. Many Companies like Blizzard, Square Enix that operate with Mmo have graphics overhaul or many ‘facelifts’. Done so in cycles through their Mmo’s lifetime, but not Eaware 🤦‍♂️

That is kinda understandable *cough cough* cause of Eaware’s most mind boggling & shameful decision back in swtor’s early days & before launch. That was to release this Theme Park themed semi Mmo with heavily outdated & glitchy Core a.k.a game-Engine (: Shame Eaware, Shame on. There is gonna be official Remastered ver. of KOTOR by ‘Aspyr’ crew. Maybe to arrive in 2-3x years. Wish they’d be working with KOTOR 3 instead. Also wish that Open World SW adv. that’s in early stages of development by Ubisoft would be few years further in development..

Hope it will be success & receives new content love for years after launched. Shame that it comes so late as by then EA & Eaware’s skeletal sized crew that works with swtor gets to milk easily gullible people for a long time :( One of many ways they’re doing it is to fool people with shiny & partially ugly cgi vids. Hope that Eaware’s Overlords haven’t given funding for this year to make one for this so called expansion.. Which is given for gamers in slices. It’s same shameful way as they did before with 2x ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Expansions. That was years ago before semi dead times been on for two to three years now :/ Release date said to be ‘during holidays’ which prob. means around time of Western Sky Dad Worship days or early that month as in early dec.

This time releasing expansion through one year like in 1x slice per 3-4x months is even more disgusting way of doing things. Eaware is still up to this day only Mmo Developer crew to do this stunt 🤦 They discovered through deep research that like this they can affect strongly into minds of easily gullible people. Those who have awe (mind boggling) feelings from swtor’s low polygon visuals, cutscenes, clunky animations, cutscenes where dual wielding class (soon to be ruined 110% cause all can DW) uses only other weapon in cutscenes & slow partially ugly combat mechanics.

Summarise: Release 1x slice from expansion in few month cycles to keep them subbed & maybe get them to lure in more half blind people that throw real dime into their Cartel Market. #ChangeOutdatedGameEngine #MissTreatedBigIPMmo #ShamelessMilkingOfGulliblePeople #FireSleekySmileCharlesBoyd #SWTheCartelMarket #Subbed5YThenSawBehindTheCurtain #WaitsSubWorthyNews #VetSwtoerWithProgRaidingPvpAndPvping #KnowTheCurrentStateOfGame

Hjahaa Poor Swtor and it's glitches even in Poorly designed Shallow Character Creation screen.jpg
Never Forget what we had Before EA Was in Charge...jpg
Kickstarter Donor

The only MMO company to piece meal content? Do you play games?

Terry Holland

Howdies & thanks for write up to my writings about shameful work & sad facts in regarding star wars the cartel market half mmo. Answer to your question: Yes i do as i’ve had Mmo ‘career’ since year 6004 (2004 for those who follow calendar based on western sky dad) & no Blizzard’s Mmo can’t be in comparison table cause they’ve only delivered Raids in slices & actual expansion as in story content came on same day.

There might be some small Mmos that have delivered with same shameful way as Swtor’s skeleton Eaware crew does, but they’re also left out of comparison table cause of not being part of big ip & have rich overlords (like EA) behind them. Wish you good July & enjoy time in any game you adv. in :)

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Patreon Donor

The way that this is worded leaves me quite confused.

The livestream makes it sound like you still pick an existing advanced class for abilities, but can do so from any related base class (so bounty hunters can now pick agent advanced classes, but not inquisitor or warrior ones), and that the flavor abilities of the mirror classes reflect your alignment (a Jedi Counselor that makes dark story choices gets the visuals and animations of a sith sorceror with lightning instead of throwing rocks).

But then reading about it on other sites makes it seem like it is more than that – that abilities from multiple advanced classes could be mixed and matched. I’m honestly not sure what I would prefer.

Giving that level of customization to players would throw out balance, but if everyone has every option, then pvp’ers can play whatever they want. 1 on 1 it would be balanced to whatever the perceived meta becomes, but premade groups would be able to build highly specialized role builds around each other to dominate. Perhaps a hot take, but I don’t feel balance is as important for PVE, really. Groups with specialized roles would still likely dominate operations content, too. But premade flashpoints might become difficult if there is no guarantee the tank has a taunt.

Toy Clown

To love Star Wars, but not like playing SW:TOR… I’m surprised to think of a 10th year anniversary, which reminds me of the death of SWG. I was bitter for a while! But that’s why I didn’t like SW:TOR, because the freedom was gone that I got used to in SWG. Even going back to it years later, playing with friends, and creating awesome stories, I still couldn’t get into the gameplay of it.

I can’t see myself getting back into SW:TOR, although I’ll never say never, but I do want it to flourish as the game brings diversity to our current MMO landscape and I have a lot of friends that still play the heck out of it.


say goodbye to pvp class balance, so jedi gaurdian with all its defensive abilities can also go into stealth taken from jedi shadow.
i do not understand how this new combat system works, what about weapon and animations? if we are taking abilities from other classes does it means we can take weapon as well?
we have to wait and see how they are gonna implement this.
this sound to me death of pvp.

Castagere Shaikura

Terry Holland

This semi pointless talk by ‘swtorista the ear killer‘ doesn’t light up things almost at all. Then again no matter cause answer to “Bahramnima’s” few last words on his comment is: ‘Swtor that has outdated & glitchy core a.k.a game-engine & clunky slow animations had it’s PvP content butchered to almost zero play value already two + years ago :( Happened with mind boggling gear changes & feature removal. Almost the same happened to Operations a.k.a Raids with dumb simplifications & chcanges.

I’ve witnessed swtor’s half rise & bigger downfall on passenger’s seat. Was possible cause was part of them since 1st beta day, 1st official release date & active for five + years since then. Was part of Good guild for years. We did Progressive & Relaxed Raiding, Instanced & Wpvp’ing (Good ol Wpvp until Eaware messed it up) & other activities. Then as years went by & EW’s lack of Development, no improvement to animations, game-engine, old cutscene / other glitches & bad gameplay changes I & many other Swtor Veterans with real eyesight decided that it’s time to leave & not feed this big IP Game butchering :(

Remember times not so long ago when Swtor’s half blind dev crew did another servers merging & they Stayed in their development lackluster Denial Mode by Calling it an Event.. :D They’re only Mmorpg Developing Company to call Servers Merge an Event :D Just like they did with Disgusting ‘Fire Sale’ Real Cash Store that had so called ‘Event’ :D Included things like €50-80 priced Pixel Lightsabers “Ugly ones” from Real Cash Store, €25 Mounts & Small Radar Screen table with €10 Price Tag. Also Emo Sith Wannabe’s Slashy Emote that Costs almost €10 :D :(

We remember great times & also sad downhill that’s been going on for 2,5+ years now. Not to forget time when Eaware reduced immersion by removing the nice moments when you make your advanced class selection. Now it’s been dumbed down just as many other things. Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition & was around from First Beta Day & Sub Since Launch up to End of 6016. Returned Oct. 6020, but after few weeks left cause Still see Clunky Animations, Glitchy Game-Engine with Horrid UI, Chat Window & Features & no Good Plans on sight :(

Upcoming ‘Legacy of Big IP Butchering via Outdated Game-Engine‘ is actually small’ish Expansion as seen the same in past few years. 6.0 was a joke (shame Eaware) & swtor only stayed above surface cause of hundred + lost sheepies who are easily gullible. They empty their wallets to rehashed designs & dumb looking huge Rancor etc. Mounts & weapons in Cartel Market in game shop. #WalkOfShame #Lootboxes #WeNeedKotor3 #SwtorIsntKotor3 #NahJKnightStoryIsntOne #DenyCashShopsInGames #HopeThatLawPassesInUK #WaitsLoginWorthyNews #WaitsSubWorthyNews #FoolingEasilyGullible #EARobsHalfBlindKidsAndAdults

Poor Swtor's gfx glitch.jpg
Castagere Shaikura

Also, will this be a light/dark side thing? Will a shadow be able to use lightning?

Castagere Shaikura

So will this be like a dual-class system? My Shadow can use Jedi Knight skills? Man, this would really change up the game in a big way if this is what it is. And a new level cap to 80 too.

Lucky Jinx

Dang.. I thought SWTOR was kind of stumbling and fading there for a while, but it sounds like they’re making a strong come back. I’m really happy they’re back on track, and I might just switch WoW sub to SWTOR while waiting for Fractured, which I’m seeing as a “massively” potential long term game for me.

Malcolm Swoboda

Watching the stream – wouldn’t be surprised if this is their way of monetizing ‘classes’, indeed selling that ‘melee’ Bounty Hunter etc.. Or maybe not! But it looks like it!

Castagere Shaikura

Beskar Steel weapons, please.

Dug From The Earth

this sounds very cool.

removing restrictions and giving more choice is something I really enjoy.