Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen are live today


Here we go, folks: Elder Scrolls Skyrim carved out its place in history on 11/11/11, and now Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen will follow suit by being the big game with a launch on 2/22/22. Come 3/3/33, it’ll be fun to look back and quote that for whatever game is on top of the pile then!

Yep, Bungie officially releases both The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen today as the first chunk of the final trilogy of the Light & Darkness Saga (say that 10 times fast). Players will be stepping into the “twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor” known as the The Throne World, taking on the Wellspring six-person dungeon, using Deepsight to craft new weapons, testing out the glaive melee weapon, and descending into the Vow of the Disciple raid.

“Both The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Risen will follow Guardians as they battle to take back the Light from the Hive god, Savathûn. After more than a year spent unraveling the deceptions of the Witch Queen, Guardians will take the fight directly to Savathûn as they explore the mysterious seat of her power, the Throne World, a new destination in Destiny 2. There, they will encounter countless challenges, including the emergence of the Lucent Brood, Hive enemies who now wield the same Light powers used by Guardians for centuries. In Season of the Risen, Guardians will use Light-suppressing technology granted by an uneasy alliance with the Cabal empress, Caiatl, to stand against the Witch Queen’s growing army of Light-infused Hive.”

You just gotta love this exchange.

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