One More Game unveils its ‘real-time tactics’ multiplayer title Spellcraft, starts registration for alpha preview


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been following the development of One More Game, a studio founded in fall 2019 by former ArenaNet and Riot Games developers. Up to this point, news out of the studio has been mostly about its desgin ethos, some artwork previews, and a dev blog that talked about AI for a hypothetical PvP RTS title. As it turns out, that blog wasn’t quite so hypothetical, as the studio has officially unveiled early details of its first game: Spellcraft.

Touted by OMG as “a fast-action, competitive game that requires both strategic thinking and quick decision-making to achieve victory” and a game that supposedly requires its own categorization as a “real-time tactics” title because of its unique nature, Spellcraft sees players collecting and commanding a squad of heroes with fantastical abilities to overcome opponents. The game lauds a “nearly limitless” number of hero combinations to suit any playstyle and heralds a free-to-play business model that will not introduce lootboxes, gacha mechanics, or pay-to-win systems. The game and OMG has already perked enough investor ears as the studio recently completed a Series A funding round to raise $22M.

Spellcraft is going to host an alpha preview event in the near future, with interested players able to register for the name draw on the game’s official Discord. As for when the game will ultimately release, there’s currently no timetable, with the official site simply stating, “We’ll ship when we’re done.” In the meantime, an in-engine teaser trailer can be seen after the cut, while the game’s official site offers all of the details available for now.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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